Interactive Augmented Reality

Virtual World and Reality without Limits

Augmented Reality helps your business visualizes everything, train and engage your workers better, and help you achieve your strategy goals.

SmartEye provides Interactive Augmented Services for businesses and enterprises create new interactive working experience.

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Why Interactive Augmented Reality?

  • 1

    Visualizes Your Product Process

    • In product making strategy, AR shows the process of how the product is made, the product materials, functions and many other in the most detailed and attractive

    • Help you decide the best solution for the product finalization.

    • Help you in deciding the results of the A/B Testing.

    • Help you decide the product strategy before production process.

  • 2

    Interactive Visualization for Training and Education

    • AR able to give detailed and interactive appearance of specific situation and process. This helps students or workers to receive and learn the information better before proceeding to the real work.

    • Manufacture environment can be dangerous for new workers. AR training lower the risk of accident by providing hands on training in safer and conductive place.

    • Higher engagement. AR training will personally stimulate new workers to participate in the training actively.

  • 3

    Embeddable Everywhere

    • AR Interactive able to be displayed anywhere on company website, mobile app, or through your Smartphone camera.

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