Virtual Reality Corner

Entertainment VR Sport for Your Business Event

Virtual Reality Corner service

Fly your event to the next level! SmartEye ready to support your business event by providing Paragliding VR entertainment for your business booth. Make your audience enjoy the sensation of becoming paragliding athlete supported by complete seat harness and hexagonal pillars.

Gain more attention, achieve better insight from audiences.

Virtual Reality Sport Paragliding from SmartEye


Why VR Corner Tour?

Making your business booth stand out more (even if your competitors using VR).

Maximized your audience engagement and insight regarding your business.

Maximized your product promotion with lower cost.

Helping your business achieve better,
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Unsure with our VR Sport Paragliding? SmartEye provides free consultation anywhere and anytime to help you choose the best Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality for your business. Chat now, achieve better.